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Luke Chapman

I've been helping businesses drive sustainable growth through engaged audiences for almost 2 decades, across industries such as higher education, mining & resources, travel, technology, retail and finance. Read more about me 👇

I'm a passionate digital marketer with experience leading teams (both local and remote/global) to achieve exceptional results. I have a real passion for marketing, technology and business. Combining this passion with the latest digital marketing tools and techniques, I develop and test strategies to come up with the best solutions for:

🚦 driving targeted traffic
😮 engaging audiences
📈 lifting conversion rates
😍 creating customer evangelists; generating repeat & referral business
🎁 developing customer-focused product offerings

When I’m not working on digital marketing or web projects, you’ll find me travelling, cycling, spending time with my dog or taking photos somewhere new.

“We need to stop interrupting

what people are interested in and

be what people are interested in.”

–Craig Davis

Search Engine Optimisation

I have managed SEO for a range of websites in competitive niches, achieving top rankings for highly competitive keywords. I have also successfully improved rankings for websites that had previously been penalised by Google.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

I have run PPC campaigns on platforms including Facebook, Google Display Network, AdWords, Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn. These campaigns range from small, short-term campaigns to seasonal and ongoing advertising campaigns worth >$100,000 each.

Marketing Automation

I run marketing automation campaigns with tools like IBM Watson Campaign Automation & Hubspot, segmenting users and sending personalised emails and serving PPC ads based on their website interactions, goal completions, email behaviour and other known or inferred user data.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Using multivariate testing platforms like Webtrends Optimize & Optimizely I have achieved some amazing results. Testing and optimising the user journey on one e-commerce travel website saw an increase of around $400,000 profit per year!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is often so poorly executed. I have experience segmenting existing databases and reengaging lost audiences with highly tailored nurture and conversion eDMs.

Social Media

It hurts to look at all the companies posting on social media but falling flat with their audience. I have had great success running organic and paid social media that actually engages customers and delivers two-way value!

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